Friday, 14 June 2013

Goodbye Highschool

This year has been filled with "I can't believe this is finally happening"s and "this is our last 'so and so' " moments. It's been a whirlwind, bitter-sweet year and I don't even know how I feel right now; perhaps it hasn't quite hit me yet. I'm just glad I got to experience all of it. I thought I was so ready to leave but as I was  writing in a few close friends' yearbooks today, I felt so choked up and now I'm  starting to cry as I type this.   I don't think I'm so much sad as I am overwhelmed with the idea of things never being the same - and maybe that's a good thing. We've all just been through so much together; I've known some of my classmates since I was 4 and knowing I won't see them again in the fall, under the watchful eyes of our teachers...I haven't wrapped it around my head yet. It all went by so fast, I swear I was just starting grade 8, scared shitless of what was to come. Cheers to Grad 2k13, Best You Ever Seen.
Perks premiere in October.
Yearbook class, I swear we did actual work in that class.
Halloween @Megan's
Tiff Squared 
Seymond and I at Prom! 

The Butt and I :')
And to think, I was just a hopeful little sperm in this man only 18 years ago. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.... (oh god why do I write these things)
Some of my closest friends and I at Graduation
Last Woodstock! :(